Emergency Childbirth

Mini Guide

This illustrated Emergency Childbirth Mini Guide, takes you through the stages of a "normal" birth in an emergency (unplanned) home situation, including various birthing supplies that you can gather together in the spur of the moment or, much better, well in advance of the emergency situation.

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What You Will Learn


Instructions for assembling a childbirth travel kit that can be kept in the car ready for emergency use. Ideas for selecting an emergency birth team and assigning jobs.


Birth Area Setup

Directions for preparing for the birth, including bedroom, kitchen and bathroom setup, or car setup.

Pushing & Delivery

Suggestions for pushing and methods of pain relief. Information about checking for the cord, what to do if the cord is around the neck, and if the cord is tight. Also, instructions on what to do if the shoulders are stuck and other possible issues.

After Delivery

Parents welcoming the baby. Dealing with placenta delivery and maternal bleeding.


Basic newborn CPR instructions.

Sample Pages

Below are images of several pages in the guide.

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